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Hand papermaking in Brooklin Maine

About Our Studio

Virginia (Gigi) Sarsfield, a production hand papermaker since 1994, specializes in artist-grade and lampshade papers.

Bits of fiber from walks in the woods or along the sea find their way into some of the papers – tufts of cattail, small bits of lichen, garlic stem from Four Seasons Farm, traditional papermaking fibers from Thailand, rag from places less exotic.

Bright pigments ground from the earth.

Never satisfied for long, the vat will metamorphous from one color to the next with all the steps between the two.

The result is a rich palette of handmade papers in many different shades and textures.

The Process

To make the paper, we cook KOZO or GAMPI, both oriental fibers, in a solution of water and soda ash until the fiber is soft and pulls apart easily. After a thorough rinse, the fiber is bleached. When the fiber has achieved its maximum luster, I rinse it again then beat it “to a pulp”.

Without adding color, KOZO will yield a creamy off-white paper. GAMPI will be more lustrous and more of an ecru shade.
COLOR! I use LIGHTFAST pigments formulated for papermaking and I LOVE working with color and will try to match to paint or fabric samples.
My papers are archival and the lampshades made from them will outlive silk and styrene-lined commercial shades.

Artist-Grade Papers

We make a wide variety of internally sized papers using kozo, cotton, abaca and flax fibers. I use lightfast pigments. I also make unsized papers that are ideal for lampshades and sumi-e calligraphy.

Our favorite papermaking moulds are 11×17 and 14×21 so you will find the most variety at any one time in those sizes but I also make papers to order and can make any of the following sizes easily:

5-1/2 x 8″ $2/each
8 x 11 $4
10 x 10 $5
11 x 14 $6
11 x 17 $7
10 x 22 $8
14 x 21 $14

Wholesale inquiries and custom orders welcome.

Blank Books

Using handmade papers from our inventory Westport Island bookbinder Joelle Webber creates beautiful blank books. The interior pages are 28lb Mohawk Superfine writing paper.

Custom Lampshades

Virtually any size or shape lampshade can be created.

To order a custom lampshade from an existing lampshade, measure top and bottom diameters and length along the side of the lampshade.

Also indicate the kind of ring used to attach the lampshade to the lamp: clip-on, washer top (harp) or UNO fitting.

Guest Artists

Lou Charlett

Lou Charlett

Woodcraft Artist

I vividly recall, as a boy, walking in the woods and passing my hands over the bark of the trees. The varying textures offered comforting and reassuring sensations ….. I felt a connection with the trees ….. and still do.

I have been designing and hand building wooden objects since boyhood ….. from fine furniture to hand turned lathe art. Inspiration is all around me. The environment and my surroundings provide an infinite wealth of ideas. Most importantly I listen to the wood.

I founded Charlett Woodworking on May 1, 1981.

James Dodds

James Dodds

English Printmaker, painter and boat builder

A native of England, Dodds’ work illustrates the rich maritime scenes of his homelands, Wivenhoe and Brightlingsea. However, his visits to the Maine coast inspired Dodds to produce work based on the Maine tradition of boatbuilding, featuring the Brooklin Boat Yard, Bridges Point Boat Yard, the Benjamin River Boat Yard, as well as the Rockport Marine.

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